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AMD  or pentium

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We do have a forum called "Furry Tech Talk" here for the err... computer babble and whatnot.
I'm moving this thread to that community riiiiiight.......... now.


Hmm...   I forgot about that. sorry.

Hey naquadria don't worry about it!  Furtopia is not a naval gunship and you don't have to walk the plank.  As long as individuals are nice and try that's what counts.  Just have fun and enjoy.  

General is just that "general" a lot of stuff fits in there and if there is a better place you may of overlooked a staff often moves it.  

Just remember never feel bad for asking a question in good faith.

Now onto your question.  Myself I have always liked the Athlon from the perspective your dolar goes farther there (you get more speed for the same $$.  Now if money is not an issue gamers so far tend to favor the P4 with it's 800Mzh front side bus seems to give the TOP p4 a edge over the TOP Athlon.  But that is if money is not a factor.

Also with costs you have two things to keep in mind there is the "high" end then you have the "bleeding edge".  "high" end is the fastest platform at the best value for your buck (Big 12 point buck setps out ).  The bleeding edge (some users have to get) is the fastest at the moment and at a premium price of usialy 2-3x cost of "high end".  It also usialy devalues to "high end" in 3-6 months.  

Most users end up buying "high end" and use the money saved to keep their system updates for several years.

Myself I am upgrading all our servers to Athlon chips.  Good performance and a good price.

If you are a major gammer you should also remember Video card and RAM is just as important as important as CPU speed (if not more important in some cases).  Right now the ATI's rule.  I have also been spoiled by the 2 monitors those cards support.  YES 2 monitors to your one system.  Once you start using two monitors you'll never wany to go back.  It's quite useful.  When you get ram for you system make sure they install CL2 RAM (the CL rating is based on the timings/speed of your RAM).  Many places will try and install the cheaper CL2.5+ RAM.  Your CPU must stop when it is accessing memory so going with CL2 RAM will gain you an extra %20+ system performance.  Your CPU must also stop to address ANY IO so the faster your Video Card and Hard Drive is will also give you a boost to system performance as well.  

There are a few key things to remember if you want the "best".  Otherwise most vendors will swap you cheaper stuff (more money in their pockets) on a pre-built unless you specificly ask for the "good stuff".

I'm a major deal hunter.  So with a better idea of what you want I can point you to a few suggestions for complete systems or parts (to build your own).

Don't fret, naquadria. As was mentioned by Benjamin and WS, if we see a topic that should be elsewhere, staff can move it easily. It doesn't show any wrong doing on the part of the creator. None of us are perfect and there will be times when we need a little help.

So, if you want to start ANY type of topic, feel free to do so. If we feel it belongs some where else on these forums, staff can easily move them as was stated.

(smiles and gives you a friendly hug)

About your question? Well, I don't know enough about computers to answer you. I let WS make all those decisions!

Good luck on whatever system you get!

Quote (WhiteShepherd @ Dec. 14 2003, 11:31 pm)I'm a major deal hunter.  So with a better idea of what you want I can point you to a few suggestions for complete systems or parts (to build your own).
I was looking on  for parts so I could put together my own computer.

I was thinking either a P4  or an AMD with 1Gb PC3200  DDR RAM.   120Gb hard drive ,  radeon 9800 card.  

I am some what of a gamer though so maby I should get the P4.

I pretty much know all the other parts I need

P.S  what is cl2 ram and how would I recognize it


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