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Okay, so. I'm studying palaeontology at uni, and I thought maybe some other furs would be interested in a thread which is about new dinosaur discoveries that have popped up in the news lately. So here we go.

A new feathered dinosaur, Yutyrannus huali has been found in China. The 125 million year old critter is thought to be directly related to Tyrannosaurus rex. If the size estimates are right in putting it at 30 foot long, it is the largest known feathered animal, and is about 40 times heavier than the next largest known fuzzy dinosaur. The 6 inch long feathers would have been more of a fuzzy down on a chick than the sort of feathers used to fly.

Link to the paper, published earlier this year
Tetrapod zoology blog post
News article from the Telegraph

I'm very interested in this. Debating whether or not I want to study palaeontology myself next year, and a thread like this just might sway me in that direction!


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