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I love game music and scores some are so beautiful and emotional, some are wonderful at conveying feelings, what are your faviroutes? Also i found this just now, the girls singing voice at 45 seconds is perfectly in tune and is very nice http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/510975 i hope you think so too  :)

My fave scores are, skyrim, farcry 3, all the halo'sand a few others i will add when i remember them.

Bit random and not very hip, but i find many of this type of music very soothing and calming. I do love all music though  :)

Oddworld stanger's wrath.  scratch that, ALL the oddworld games.!

All the halos, mech assault, both borderlands... both COD black ops games actually had really goo music too...

My personal favourite game soundtrack is the one from Chrono Cross - the actual game is decent despite some flaws, but it had some amazing music in it.

A lot of the Final Fantasy games have pretty good music, too; I particularly liked some of the stuff from FFX.  Also, might be kind of an unusual answer, but for some reason, the game "Wet" comes to mind... the actual game was pretty mediocre, but I liked a lot of the music they used in it.  There's probably a few I'm forgetting, if there is, I'll throw them in to this thread.

I like red alerts' hell march ( especially hell march 2) and the original C&C ( tiberian  dawn I think) has a great sound track

I'm not sure but I think homeworld 2 has a good one also

One of my fave games just cause 2 has some good music ( *crunched out is best I think) *also known as mile high club




Someone remixed TF2's Rocket Jump Waltz:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxAB9BAxpJw


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