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Literate Lycan:
(Moderators: This may have been an old forum topic. I want to start a new discussion thread)

At what age is a fan considered a greymuzzle?

Poll numbers from various furry research studies put the average greymuzzle threshold at 42. I've heard others suggest lower ages, all the way down to 30.

My opinion is that 30 is far too young. There's a substantial segment of the fandom in their 30s and I wouldn't consider any of them a furry version of old age pensioner. I would suggest the oldest 10% of the fandom, which would put the greymuzzle age somewhere in the early 40s. I'm good friends with a group of furs who are between 30 and 45 and I *might* consider the oldest one (at 45) a greymuzzle. I know and have met fans who are in their 50s and even older.

In the interests of disclosure: I'm 58. A greymuzzle by any standard. Less than 1 year in active fandom though I've probably been an unacknowledged furry for several years. And I'm a fursuiter. But never too old for the fandom.

I'd love to hear what others say...thanks!

Back when I started in the fandom in 2003, I think the greymuzzle age was about 30-35. But as the years go by and the demographics and culture of the furry fandom change, that greymuzzle age can go higher or lower. I think an "average" greymuzzle age should be 40 or 45.

cause the rat:
I'm 53. Been furry all my life. But only known about the fandom for about 5 years now. I feel to young to be a grey muzzle. And I've never been to old to sit or hang around with anyone at any of the cons i've been to. If grey muzzle is a tittle given to someone who's been in the fandom for a long time than I don't count. If ti's age I'll concede.


--- Quote ---If grey muzzle is a tittle given to someone who's been in the fandom for a long time
--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's another thing. Some people tend to argue or think that a person has to be in the fandom for a certain period of time to be a greymuzzle. But I really don't know what this length of time should be.

cause the rat:
So i guess grey muzzle is like furry. It's there but hard to define.


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