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Organization in ones PC is a must...and Tweek UI offers it and so much more. Everything from how your pc saves much space it reserves for web sites to store and how often it clears cashe's to security and even editing your config files and bios if your into the more complex portions of PC tweeking.

Its just another tool...and its free if you want it. Just hop into my forum and make a request.

I thought you might be interested to know that Tweak UI is but one program in a series of many called "powertoys" which let you do even more than just customize your OS, but adds many utilities to the OS.
Just thought you'd be interested in seeing what else that's available...

Powertoys for XP

I've got the Tweak UI plug-in for Windows 2000, myself. I've yet to take a real good look at it yet though.
*pokes around at it somewhat*

It's rather nice and rather useful.

Keep in mind, however, that the Windows XP powertoys aren't compatible with earlier Operating Systems. It does give you some useful features that many people seem to enjoy such as enhanced alt-tabbing, multi-desktop support and more.

As an aside, if you're running Windows XP, try turning on 'cleartype' regardless or not if you're using an LCD. Essentially, what it does is antialias your font characters, making them look that much prettier. =)

"Font smoothing" is wonderful, yeah. It goes back a fair ways though. It was included in the Windows 95 Power Tools way back in the day. I always use it, myself. It's so much easier on the sensibilities.


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