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Anyone here do soundtrack scoring? Either professionally or for fun?


I dabble with trying to right soundtrack style pieces and I just wondered if anyone else here does the same?

If you do,
1:What's your genre?
2:What's your influences?
3:What would you most like to score?
4:What was the last really good score that you listened to?
5:If you've got examples, POST EM :D

I guess I'll answer em to get it started :P

1:my genre tends to wander a bit. It's kind of minimalist orchestral, with some electronic (particularly retro 80s synths) thrown in.

2:I think "Blade Runner" was the first film that made me want to get into writing scores, at the age of 5 or so :P Nowadays I find I'm usually taking influences from that score, Philip Glass' "Koyaanisqatsi", and James Horner's score for "Star Trek II Wrath of Khan."

3:Hard for me to say. I don't know if I'd want to score a film, but a short series set in a post apocalyptic situation would be really cool and I think it would work well with my style. I think I'd also like to do a game score, but more in the vain of Inon Zur or Jeremy Soule. Something you can listen to in the background when you're out for a walk and feel like a total boss while listening to :D

4:I just downloaded the soundtrack for "Stranger Things" and man I am LOVING IT. Perfect blend of tones and style to give it a minimalist atmosphere. It really helped carry the menace and emotion in the show I found, and reminding me of the old Simon and Schuster 3d AudioDramas from the 80s.

5:I do have a youtube of some of the stuff I've written, but I won't post it unless somebody actually wants to see it :P Don't want to shamelessly self plug hahaha.

Good idea for a thread.
I've scored a bunch of soundtracks, but mostly to accompany my writing.
World building with a bit of music thrown in, makes the story come alive.

1- Genre: Mainly classical. I also work in other genres, but classical for soundtracks.
2- Influences: Satie, Debussey, Camel, Danny Elfman, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich.
3- Most want to score: Soundtrack for any movie with "zombie" in the title.
4- Best score I've heard recently:
"La Horse" is a 1970 movie. I stumbled across the soundtrack on youtube, and I cant get the damn thing out of my head...
It's written by Serge (Je t'aime) Geinsbourg and sounds like John Barry on meth. Pure genious:


5- Post'em !

Alright, if external links to SoFurry work  (Don't worry: I only write SFW.)

Here are three soundtracks that accompany "Between Winters" - a fantasy novel:

Rhania, the seer
First off is a piece for acoustic guitar and flute.  Rhania is the vixen protagonist of the series. She comes from a happy rustic background, but is lonely after the loss of her brother. I’ve tried  to incorporate both the folksy charm and her loneliness into the piece by limiting the instrumentation.

Snowheart the Wanderer
This is the theme for the second protagonist (and my fursona). He’s a happy-go-lucky scribe and wanderer.
The piece is solo piano for four paws.

Firemane's Resolve / Arbinger the mage
Orchestral piece for the Centaur Chieftan, followed by baroque organ for the mad mage.

Hollow Silence - Main theme
Short, guitar-driven theme for  a therian thriller.

This orchestral minimalist piece was intended to accompany a mystery story (My Guardian Demons), but I decided it didn't fit in with the mood.

hahahaha I do the exact same thing XD
All the stuff I've written so far is for my own writing projects or for stuff I've read that I liked a lot.



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