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Banning books on race and gender.

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Kay Alett:

--- Quote from: Kobuk on September 11, 2022, 09:13:39 am ---

Let's get back to questions like:
Should schools and/or libraries stock these types of books? Or ban them?
Do politicians have the right to ban these types of books?
What rights do parents have or not have in what is selected at the school/library for reading material?

--- End quote ---
Should these books be in schools? I think age appropriate books on these subjects should be in schools, sure.
Teach kids from an early age that being gay is okay and gay people aren't dangerous.

Teach them that skin color is just that, color, it has no bearing on a person's character.
Then as they grow up introduce more complicated topics on top.

Should politicians ban these books? What gives them the right? Politicians do not get to decide for the people what should and should not be taught in the schools.

If schools aren't going to teach the kids about these kinds of subjects parents must.

Banning books is just asinine. Let people read, let them see and if the author is wrong then they will only condemn themselves.
It's censorship and censorship is just flat out wrong. I don't care how loudly you scream "won't someone think of the children".

I could go on but I'm close to getting off topic and taking the offramp to censorship debate county and we're not here for that.

Jade Sinapu:
Some children have parents who's knowledge base is far lacking.  For one reason or another. Opportunity,    income,  skill level etc...

  A school may be one of the few places they can gain knowledge on a topic. Banning a book will easily direct that child ( who is still learning. And who's family is lacking that knowledge) into a narrow path by excluding things from their path.
It's a way to control.

I believe in traditional education,  where it is more like you throw lots of views and topics at them and they decide.  Find their own path.  Of course complexity ramps up as they age.

I work with a guy who is home schooling his kids.  He is knowledgeable.   But he is often asking others when he needs to know how to teach his kids a new skill.  I bring this up because at a school his kids could be exposed to many more books because they probably  have a bigger library.   I worry they will be unprepared compared to someone who had more choices and exposure.
It's similar to banning books or ideas.  It's limiting choice, when a person doesn't most likely know they are being limited. 
That kids might grow up to resent it.

Books should be appropriate for the intended audience.
Same for games, movies, music etc.

As for books intended for adult readers, the content should be reviewed by a wide board of experts over all fields internationally, with each of their advice published as a sort of "disclaimer" preface.
If the wide board of experts deemed the material unsuitable (due to legal, psychological reasons...) it should be restricted material that one needs to apply to access (and give a valid reason as to why).

My reason for this:
A lot of media is currently heavily one sided or almost like propaganda. Having comments by a wide field of experts would allow the reader to see the other sides of the topics covered.

Also, there is a lot of talk about left politics and right politics. I really hate seeing this, as it turns people against each other. I feel it is really important to try and find common ground, make compromises, not deal with absolutes.


Remember back in the late 80s and early 90s, when there was a big crusade to stick Parental Advisory stickers on music that some organizations deemed "unacceptable" for kids?

Remember how that was ignored by parents who found its guidelines to be overreaching, didn't do anything to stop the spread of such music, was arbitrarily enforced, and turned into a ringing endorsement of said music for any kid who wanted to stick it to their uptight parents?

This is just as stupid.

cause the rat:
BlueStreak, agreed. However the real difference between the two is back then they labeled the works. You could still get them. Now they are banning the works. You can no longer make up your own mind whether you choose to read them or not. A communist party has made that decision for you.

I think more people bought '2 live Crew' because of the warring labels. 


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