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I'm no composer, but I was browsing through the Choice of the Week area and found DJ Vix-N's songs.

I have to say that I just love her stuff! Go check her songs out: http://www.djvixn.furtopia.org/music.html

And I want to thank the staff involved in the Choice of the Week for putting great talent like that in the spot light.

I've already seen her site, and listened to some of the music.  It's alright, but I know she didn't write the majority of it.  As far as I can hear, the songs I heard were made in Dance eJay 2 (I know because I used to use it), using all the pre-written and produced samples that come with it, and the 'expansion' sample sets.

I don't want to come across too negative, or anything, but really, anyone with Dance eJay 2 could reproduce the music identically that's on her site.

Oh, this is my first post here for a while.  Sorry I've been gone, but I've been going through some very tough times.

I'm sure that's true. But when it comes to music out on the market today, I'll bet there's a lot of rip-off or copy-cats going on. I often find new songs to be predictable and I've notice that some artists will take bits a pieces from other songs then slap them all together to make something new and good to listen to.

So I personally don't think it's any crime to rehash materials into a new sound. The results she came up with, using what she had at hand, made some really nice songs to listen to. I hope she can produce more.

I've talked to DJ several times online.  She's really nice, and a good artist to boot.:)

We're somewhat good online friends, and I've already promised her a personalized demo of my first Furry RPG.;)

The majority of electronic music these days is created from libraries of samples that are available for purchase.  You're still a composer if you can put them together in a pleasing fashion.    I dig the Fluffy Tails Mix.  =^_^=


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