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Title: Bad Youth Days
Post by: Acton on December 21, 2010, 04:00:38 pm
Actually bad youth  week, fist I get a slanderous  troll attack on PDX furs for something I said, not this DA  crap. Some day I feel like going back to my loner days move in t afar off cabin with all my art  supplies and plushies and go WC Fields and never deal with somebody under 30.

How do Ideal with furry fandom when I can get so disported in the millennial generation, I hate what we bloomers have created on the back of the mis-assumptions of WWII generation (a little social critique )
Title: Re: Bad Youth Days
Post by: Mooshi on December 21, 2010, 09:08:52 pm
Yay for falling under the under 30 crowd. \o/

I don't know what the entire situation is since you didn't mention a lot, but I do know there isn't much love for the "baby boomer" gen.  The general concensus being that gen is known for having everything in a good period for the USA, but thrown everything away and left the responsibility for future gens. On top of that, baby boomers are now the ones collecting retirement and all that. The millennial gen tend to be ungodly annoying. The ones that eat up modern mtv, getting cell phones in middle school and elementary school and cry abuse over a spanking..they are a dissapointing gen. The good are being drowned out by the disrespectful kids who go unpunished, but have the government kissing their rear ends. Part of Gen Y btw. The gen that is into tech. :3