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A happy Valentine‚Äôs day to everyone! ¬ (card: http://furcard.furtopia.org/images/feb14-23940720.html)

I would like to officialy announce Furtopia‚Äôs next ‚ÄúPoetry Contest‚ÄĚ! ¬ Any fur may apply and does not have to be a Furtopia member. There is a limit of 2 posts per writer.  Users may post there submissions or comments here in the "poetry corner": http://poetrycontest.furtopia.org ¬ On March the 15th, Furtopia admins will all cast their vote. The selected poetry (and some runners up) will be linked up in the web world light with some selected reviews on the writing.

Poetry submitted cannot be of a content rating greater than PG. Poetry submitted should express some relationship or feeling to Furrydom. No trolling or preying on emotions. Furtopia staff will have final say in any question of suitability.

Good luck and start writing!

 ¬  WhiteShepherd (Furtopia admin)

Guess staff can't submit stuff ?


Staff may submit poetry to share here. ¬ But they are not voted on in this contest as all staff may vote. ¬ Do feel free to share some poetry. ¬ Inspire some of the others.

 ¬ WhiteShepherd

Okay heres one. I hope you like it..

Part 1 - The Begining

I heard the baying of the wolf,
Its savage, mournful call,
That carried from the distant hill
Beyond the crumbling wall.
It howled its story to the moon
Of lustful appetites---
A song lamenting ravished kills
On former star-lit nights.
Next day I rose up early with
The glory of the sun;
I signed the scrolls and thought anew
Of new feats that must be done.
But, walking down the dusty path,
I clearly saw the mark
Of footprints I had left last night
While strolling in the dark.
Then up ahead.....they disappeared.....
And in their place I saw
Their stride decidedly exchanged
By spoor of padded paw.
I stared in dazed confusion for
This simply could not be,
Until I realized the truth---
That mighty wolf was me!

When you are laying in the gutter, you can see the stars.

Email - chaz_pilot_wolf@yahoo.com
ICQ - 103457649
Yahoo - chaz_pilot_wolf
Website - http://www.pilot.furtopia.org/

Feel free to share your poetry! ¬ It's a part of you and there IS an audience here.

This is Furtopia. We are all furs from so many everyday walks of life. What's important is that we enjoy sharing and understanding each other. We have not quieted up like so many other members of society because they don't recite the same as an English major. We share because we feel there is something unique in every individual heart to be heard. We listen because we enjoy listening when others have something sincere to share. ¬ We enjoy seeing you as unique.

If someone feels what we are doing is wrong, there are millions of other internet sites they can go to. This is no home for trolling or preying on the emotions of others. It will not be permitted here.


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