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Yelling Eyes

I'm yelling at people with my eyes,
Why can't they hear me?
I'm speaking clearly with my mind,
Yet they don't understand.
The world is devoid of intelligent life,
I am the only one here.
I just wish there was someone around,
Someone to share my fear.
Every day I am left in darkness,
Hating the human race.
Why did I have to be one of them?
Why can't I change my face?
A furry body, with claws and tail,
An animal I want to be.
Brothers and sisters at my side,
And a pack mentality.
I shall remain yelling with my eyes,
Wondering when you will hear,
I'll speak to you with my mind,
Until you understand.

Maiden With Horn
by C. Alan Loewen

She walks among the roses, sunlight
Glittering off opal and pearl.
He sees through the blossoms
A delicate body of wreathed
Alabaster, distillation of sylph
And maiden.

“Alms!” he cries and the
Silhouetted vision pauses.
“Alms! Bless this poor man’s

A whisper returns, “Do you ask
Or give?

“May we not do both?” He weaves
His web of words, “Come and
Enrich my heart.”

Her retreat quickens his spirit.
He follows the shadowed vision
To a wooded glade.
Under an ancient oak, he sees
The body of a girl, the face of a myth.
Her spiral horn shines in the setting sun.

By wonder transformed, The
Novitiate lays his head, his
Life, his alms, in his
Mistress’s lap.

I Understand
By BabyTiger © 2000 Star Comics Inc.

I understand how you feel
your love for me can't be real
Its over now, our love was grand
I understand, I understand...

My furriness is hard to hide
shameful to be with me: in your mind
It can't be wrong,  its who I am...
but I understand.. I understand

If you ever, change your mind
Come back to me and you will find
me waiting here, joined paw and hand
I'll understand... I'll understand.

So would you like your furry poetry to be read?  I would like to announce a new Furtopia Poetry Contest.  Any fur may apply and does not have to be a Furtopia member.  Users may post there submissions or comments here in the "poetry corner".  On Dec the 10th, Furtopia admins will all cast their vote.  The selected poetry (and some runners up) will be linked up in the web world light for three months with some selected comments on the art.
Poetry submitted cannot be of a content rating greater than PG.  Poetry submitted should express some relationship or feeling to Furrydom.  No trolling or preying on emotions.  Furtopia staff will have final say in any question of suitability.

Please keep your poems sin
Good luck and start writing!
The contest has started!  Submit your poetry in a reply within this message base.

Shattered Images © 1991 J.G. (aka Wotan)

  Last night there was a killing frost,
  I laid awake all night.
  Out in the fields a lone wolf howled,
  I shivered at his cry.
  Looking out into the pale moonlight,
  I watched the shadows dance,
  I felt the lonely feeling,
  Coming across the empty lands.
  (Shattered Images)

  That night I took the time again,
  To think my thoughts alone.
  I need to find myself new life,
  To find myself a home.
  So I stepped out in the chilly night,
  The wind sliced right through my skin,
  And to think of what I need the most,
  I just looked in my empty hands.
  (Empty hands across poisoned lands)

  Today I felt the need again,
  The need for brand new strength.
  I've walked this country through the years,
  I know it through its length.
  Many times through tears and pain,
  I felt the need to live,
  Through falling leaves, and worthless days,
  I had nothing to give.
  (Nothing but my shattered images)

  A man will live through many lies,
  When all is said and done.
  A man can laugh, a man can cry,
  And mourn when he's been shunned.
  A man can walk the barren lands,
  And stare through eyes of fire,
  But then the numbing snow will fall,
  And cool a man's desire.

  And time will slip right through your hands,
  Empty hands across empty lands,
  Skeletal hands across dying lands.


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