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A good poem day?


It's a warm spring night.  The stars are out in one side of the sky and heat lighting on the other skys.  There is trouble in the world I'm very concerned with.  But right now this evening my thoughts drift back to home and life.

As many know I enjoy working on Furtopia.  I'm here working a lot of my free time but I'm never to busy to find time to chat as just a one on one furiend.

"Something sad made good..."

I was contacted a couple nights ago by a fur who just wanted to talk.  We talked a little and this fur was very grief stricken from a extream betrayed love.  I talked as a friend and even though I did not know the exact same thing that others including myself had felt pain like this.  This was part of life and even unspeakable pain dose give way to something better.  I shared my own experiences of pain and growth trying to hold on to love.  I also let this fur read a poem of mine to show I had walked in these shoes too and knew what was felt.  The talk helped and the night ended on a better note.  

I was contacted again a few nights ago by this same fur.  Said thanks for the poem becouse it made em feel they was not the only one and things really "could" get better.

I wrote poetry becouse I needed too.  But little did I think I would do someone some good. *smiles*  Maybe that was a good day for a poem?

Below is the poem I shared explaining I too had felt pain.  It happens to a LOT of us.  It's a real moment in my life when I was loving and not being loved in return.  And yes..  even with the worst of pain things DO get better.

"Title: "Just a Dog" by: WhiteShepherd {fuzzydog@whiteshepherd.net}

I sit here writing in agony,
 hoping to hear the words "I love you".  

Your smile reflects as my midnight stars,
 you my hope and love in this wild storm we stand.  

I wait by you as I wait for you,
 yet there is no mercy for a heart that is not seen.  

Your eyes are for another who is not yours to have,
 and so I wait my darling kissing your tears and damming my soul to  bleed.  

The pain is so great I cannot sit up nor lay down,
 why is my soul invisible to you?  

Your pain is great,
 and I will not let you suffer.  

I have refused to leave your side,
 you oblivious to the price it costs me.
My nose slides under your drooping muzzle lifting your head to see the stars,
 there showing you your hope still exists as my own tears remaining  unseen.
Is a dog's hart worth as much as a wolfs?
 Or is a dog's love too silly to deserve your affection?    

Why do you not listen to the pain in my words "I love you"?
 Or ask me wait for hours only to leave with another.
Look away from my feelings love and don't despair.
 I'm... just a dog...

Bear Paw:
A lonely shore it is indeed. That poem does good justice too how it feels. A good example poetry isn't about fame n recognition it's writen bye people who want too share there experince with others n if possible help a few along the way. There is only this n time that helps.

I can relate to quite a bit of that poem, in different ways.  I'm not really sure what to say to it, as it has brought up a few issues I have had, and still have.  I suppose the poem must have been very well written in order for it to bring up these thoughts to me, and made me think on them.  Thanks for sharing, WhiteShepherd.

Thanks for replying guys.  Yes for me and many others the goal of poetry is to shape words into sharing real feelings.


Bear Paw:
If you don't mind WhiteShepherd, you're poem sent me snuffling through my old poetry files. I turned up one I would like to put up. ( You can move this if you want's too no problem     )

It's not furry in a strict sense sorry.

Mind you're mind

In the mind a million songs are sung,
In the mind a million storys are written
In the mind a million paintings are drawn
In the mind a million things are thought.
With each new thought a million are lost.

So with each new thought a million doomed to rot
So rarely have we clarity of thought
So rarely ignorances fog lifts we see little of pure thought
So why when we have the chance,
Be it morning noon or the wee small hours

Do we flll our minds with the smallest of thoughts,
Do we have to fill our heads with woes,
Do we have to bury ourselves under stress
Do we have to slave away for others success
If it means we lose a million and one chances to be.
NO !

Have just one more

Love shared is a power beyond this worlds ability to decribe,
No poet no scholar no wiseman can crack the code between two hearts.
But it is understood by the rich the poor the wise and the slow,
It's gental caress upon the soul and after nothing else will do,
it is a hunger that neither food nor wine can quench. A fire that nothing else can drench.

well it goes too show you have to start from some where n this was the first stuff i wrote which is why it's  . But it's got me creativity going again which is always a good thing.


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