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Bear Paw:
OK I don't usualy rush in and post my work like this ( always been too fearful to do it) but this is the one site which i have come across with a poetry corner set aside. So here's a few porly strung together crumbs for the brilliance that has come befor.

Written when I finally realised I wasn't going mad and furry was ok.  I found pece when i stopped denying what I was.

Today I saw insanity it tipped it's hat to me,
I tipped mine back and hopped it leave me be.
Today I saw insanity it waved hello to me,
I waved it back and payed it leave me be.
Today I saw insanity it stretched it's hand too me,
I crossed the street and took it's hand and wanderd what would be.
Today I saw insanity it said come stay with me,
I came and stayed with insanity and hopped to be let be.

One more befor i wander back too the woods.

A wonder of strength an imposing figure,
 looks the bear from the front and when stands much bigger.
thou bear this in mind next time, no one stops to ponder it's bear behind.    

Okay everyone, my appologies for the bad jokes in this post.. but I couldn't resist posting this...

Thanks for the wonderful poems Bear Paw,
Just one question.. does this mean that insanity is walking around with a bear behind ?

Also a poem written for me by a very good friend.
Thanks Rekk.


When I walk down the street,
Or stride through the halls,
I can feel the isolation closing in about me,
When I walk through a crowd,
I stand out,
When I sit down in class,
I am alone,
When I look for affection,
I am rejected,
I went through my life,
With my ears laid back,
And my tail between my legs,
Watching friends become enemies,
Seeing a world filled with hate,
And a people filled with fear,
I cried out for acceptance,
And found only exile,
I pleaded for compassion,
And received only cruelty,
I longed for happiness,
But sank into depression,
I was sure I was alone,
An animal, a freak!
A thing that society would not tolerate,
I sulked to my classes,
Wary of violence,
And went through my life,
Thinking my self inferior,
I spent my life in my shadowed room,
Or on my computer,
Wishing every day,
That I could find another like me,
Then one day,
On a random art search,
I came upon club,
I looked about and saw others like me!
I was quiet and withdrawn,
But then something happened,
A tall black wolf sent me an email,
He was asking for a picture,
I eagerly took the job, and went straight to work,
I finished the pic,
And I was received with a smile,
And from then on,
I knew where I belonged,
You accepted me with out question,
You stayed with me through the hard times and the good,
You offered support during tragedies,
And in return,
I was there for you,
This is my home away from home,
My place to be my self,
A realm where I can free myself of confinmets,
And throw my head back and roar!
This is my studio,
My writers’ forum,
My hangout,
My place to belong,
This is my one place to myself,
My one place to be open,
The place of my few true friends,
This is my sanctuary.

Bear Paw:
No insanity is working 60 years in a dull job for little pay, at the end of which they give you a gold watch and tell you too sod off, winding up in an nursing home trying too make it to the bathroom befor wetting yourself.
Thats crazy walking around with a bear behind is good hearted fun and far better for the soul to admit what you are.  Sorry caught me on a downer. But as your poem described its a hard thing too be in a roomfull of people and be the lonliest one there.
Darn it won't finish on a low note can't let people leave depressed, that just won't do at all  

The feel of earth beneath my feet,
muddy bank and boggy peat.
The sound of brook and river deep,
I could almost lie here and sleep.
In woods I have roamed with scent of pine,
The thought that these senses are all mine.
This place I can sit at peace with the all,
This place that you feel a call.
A furry I am and this place is for me.
A place I can just stand there and be.
All have a place which feels like it,
where all go back too when where in a pit.
So retern to the place that lets you be free,
Bring a few friends one two, or three.
Cast off your blues and put on you furs
Party have fun just watch out for bur's
Keep your spirits up and above,
And remember to keep surounded by furry love.

Yep that should do it    
(edited too remove all the gum a potentially dangerous substance for the fully furred out there)
This  is now a fur safe Zone

Very nice you guys! You sould try our for our next poetry contest Bear Paw.

Agreed WhiteShepherd,

Bear Paw you shoul enter in the poetry contest.
Is you poetry and website hosted here on furtopia ?

Talk to you soon.



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