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Werewolf wierdness


Okay, here is a poem I have done it 2 parts with I think to long between them.

Any comments.... or maybe I am just up to late to think


Part 1 - The Begining

I heard the baying of the wolf,
Its savage, mournful call,
That carried from the distant hill
Beyond the crumbling wall.
It howled its story to the moon
Of lustful appetites---
A song lamenting ravished kills
On former star-lit nights.
Next day I rose up early with
The glory of the sun;
I signed the scrolls and thought anew
Of new feats that must be done.
But, walking down the dusty path,
I clearly saw the mark
Of footprints I had left last night
While strolling in the dark.
Then up ahead.....they disappeared.....
And in their place I saw
Their stride decidedly exchanged
By spoor of padded paw.
I stared in dazed confusion for
This simply could not be,
Until I realized the truth---
That mighty werewolf was me!

Part 2 - The Result in this life

They call me a Werewolf though
I have no legal name.
I search through shadowed alleys
With hunger as my aim.
You wouldn’t think me very short,
Nor am I very tall;
I’m not too fat, I’m not too slim,
I’m mysterious, that’s all.
Nobody knows just who I am
And easily I hide
From warriors who can’t beat me
Although they’ve surely tried.
I have fangs, razor sharp,
I wield with practiced skill,
They glitter in the moonlight as
I make my gruesome kill.
I target warriors that try
To escape my deadly quest,
Who make their unsuspecting way
Right to my deadly nest.
I devour their soul and spirit,
And if there’s time for more,
I bite and claw and gouge, and then
Throw back my head and roar.

by Chaz Heartwolf


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