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I feel like I'm not acticve enough in the fandom.

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If you thin your a fury you one of us, one of us .

I do not have a suit but do like read furry s and other media. I have an obsession, thanks to furry fandom, anything Sanrio. including Hello Kitty.  I only go to a local fur con. 

Rocket T. Coyote:
I regret lacking the wherewithal to attend more furcons than the one local con. Fursuiting for me is like flight: Once experienced, you want to do it again. So I participate in parades, festivals, and similar events. A daunting challenge with the pandemic. Furry forums and webcomics help to keep up interest until things return to normal.

If you are here for friends, welcome.
You don't need to call yourself a furry if you don't want to.
There is no criteria you need to meet to be on here - only that you treat others with respect and kindness.

Best Wishes,



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