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One more forum suggestion
« on: June 28, 2005, 05:29:11 pm »
Hmm... I noticed that an "Attn:" topic I posted is gone.  While I'm not complaining, and I understand the reasons, it still got me thinking about ways to do it intsead.  I know I could just PM to everybody involved, but I could forget about someone (which I did), so the topic was for catch-all purposes.

So, to get the point, I was wondering if we could have an announcement forum for us regular furries.  I had originally thought about this when I noticed the goodbyes posted in various places.  I don't know if it would replace the greetings forum, or if I should just post my "Attn:" there.  However, I think just a normal announcements forum would be pretty neat.  Any chance of it happening?
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