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what song describes you?

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Ooooooooooooo tricky one.

If I had a gun against my head and had to pick, probably "Right Where It Belongs" by NIN or "All That Could've Been" by the same.

Yeah, not the happiest guy out there :P

Storm Fox:

--- Quote from: Lorne on May 25, 2016, 09:25:50 pm ---probably "Right Where It Belongs" by NIN or "All That Could've Been" by the same.

--- End quote ---

I could say both of those songs as well... most especially Right where it belongs. (So much eerie truth in that song for how we choose to see the world.)

I'd also add Time, by Pink Floyd.
Blow away, by Staind.
Fade to black, by Metallica.
And Failure, by Breaking Benjamin.

Here are songs I listen to unironically and about do the "describe you" job for me.

Built This Pool - Blink-182
Fingernails - Skillet
Adam's Song - Blink-182
Mirror Mirror Part 2 - RWBY OST
Lying From You - Linkin Park
Hated - Beartooth
Where We Belong - Lostprophets

for me i'd say any song that has something to do with being extremely in love with someone ("nothing without you" or "crazy about you" type of lyrics)

songs that have to do with being extremely depressed/loney/not being cared for.

or songs that are about just enjoying life and being happy. sadly i haven't gotten to that part of life yet, and im a nightmare to deal with/be around, and not really enjoying life. so while i do enjoy listening to these types of songs, it is likely going to be several years until i can live with the past, and hopefully be anxiety free like before (i can easily say that i enjoy being extremely stressed far more than anxiety)

Light Blackwood:
I have lots of melodies since I'm multifacetic... but I'll leave this one

Even if it isn0t a "song" xD


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