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Youtuber Spotlight: Hiyu
« on: July 11, 2018, 11:02:52 am »
Kobuk's topic on space battles got me to thinking that some folks might like to see a furry youtuber I stumbled on a while ago who talks about space.

His name is Hiyu [pronounced like "Hi you"] and he's a marten. Not only does he have an adorable looking fursuit but he discusses space and our exploration of it
I like Hiyu because he reminds of some of the programs I used to watch as a kid. Cool looking presenter featuring scientific information in a clear, easy to understand way that doesn't go in depth with the math and the physics behind everything but also doesn't seem "dumbed down" and doesn't sound like he's talking down to the audience.

Check him out sometime yeah?

[I placed this here in non-furry related topics because while the presenter is a furry the topic he centers his videos around is not furry.]
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