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escaped Florida tiger killed

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Sporty Fox:
Here's Florida's regulations-Florida Wildlife Laws  It's a bit of a read but it has the codes to all related issues.

Sporty Fox:
While I can't say what the laws are now in Florida (tho I will research them tonight and tomarrow and see what I can find) in Virginia it depends on the species. I do know that about ten years ago Florida didn't require a permit to own a wild animal, only that the pens met very minimal standards in size and design.
  A wieghtlifter that lives about an hour from me has a tiger he rescued. Va requires a double walled cage, with the walls far enough apart to maintain the area in between (5 feet is the average) and a roof over the cage for any species deemed agressive. There must be locking doors on both sections with a hallway between the doors so that if the animal rushes past you it can't get free. The floor must be either concrete or lined with steel fencing to prevent the animal from digging it's way out.
  The enclosure must be inspected and I believe the inspection is nessecary to get your wildlife permit for ownership. When I was offered the pure wolves years ago you were also required to own at least two acres of land to isolate the inclosure. Building one of these pens is a couple of grand, but just a small part of the expence to guaranty the safety of the animal.

Sporty Fox:
I don't mean this the wrong way Basheba but a tiger or any large wild animal shouldn't be and can't be kept in a house. A large animal, even a dog, can claw thru the wall of a house in minutes. I personaly know of two bassett hounds that clawed thru the walls of a townhouse and got out.
   A woman in Maryland bought a blackmarket Tundra wolf 3 years ago and left it in her home. Buy the time it was 2 years old it had done more than $20,000 in damage. At two years old a wolf is still a puppy and has a little more intellegence than a dog of the same age. They reach full maturity around 3 years of age, at that age they are very intellegent. A tiger or any other large predator has a very similar maturity rate.
   My large male wolfer has bit thru 3/16" steel cable and twisted the wire straight in a chain link fence, half inch drywall and vinyl siding wouldn't even slow him down. If 95lbs of wolfer can do that think what a 600lb tiger can do.

I saw that on the news as well bout the Tiger killed in Florida i was appauled and mad, the owner should of kept the tiger in his house or the lady would not of gotten hurt nor the tiger would of gotten killed im a tiger lover and thats why im a bangle tiger furry and damn proud of it stupid bitvch for letting the tiger get killed i would taken it for my pet

hmm... things like that is why i think people need to leave
animals their native surroundings...



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