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My wife and I like watching anime, however she has more specific tastes than me.

So sometimes I struggle to find a good series to watch together.

In addition I prefer subtitled, she preffers dub (I couldn't get her into deathnote untill I relented and we watched the Dub and she loved it).

So I was hopping I could list some of the anime we both like and see if anyone has any other suggestions for shows we can watch.

Series we both like

first 50 episodes of Bleach (I watched till the end, she got tired of filler)

Everything Studio Ghibli
Patema inverted

-Deadman wonderland
-Cyborg 009 (Not the best animation, but has a gloomy story).
-Yuyu Hakusho
That's all I can think of for now, based on what you've watched.

The only anime that comes to my mind and comes close to what you both like is Pandora Hearts, though that one doesn't have a dubbed version.

So we are about 5 episodes in to Sword art online...

Some of the characters seem a little... odd   even for an anime XD

do characters get better ?


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