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Gundam Build Divers.......with furries?


I don't know about anybody else, but I love Gundam.........but only selected anime series though. ;) One new series that I've been watching the last several weeks is called Gundam Build Divers.

This series takes a different twist to the Gundam franchise by instead showing a normal modern everyday world, but having kids go to a "Gundam Build Network" (GBN) facility and play a virtual reality Gundam battle game. I'm mentioning the series here cause I found it odd and unique that it would have some "furry" characters in it. Of course, I'm not watching the series because of the characters, but rather more because of the gunpla battles.

A players avatar in the GBN game does not necessarily need to be human looking. I can only guess that a player can select/choose other avatars (Animals?) based on skills, personality, or other attributes.

My favorite "furry" character is Tigerwolf. ;)

Another "furry" character is Rommel, an ermine, and leader of the 7th Panzer Division, one of the opposing forces in the GBN game. Don't let Rommel's cuteness and small size fool you. He's quite adept at strategy and tactics. ;)

You can watch episodes here. Start with the Prologue video. Then move on to Episode 1.


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