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Hy-ho, hy-ho, Off to RPG we go

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Woo! We have an RPG board! Welcome all ^_^

I guess The first thing that I'd have to ask is how many avid RPG'ers are out there?

Richard Smith:
Oh yeah, you know it, right here. Roleplaying, as I said in my opening post, is my life.

Well, if yer intersted in the text based/ forum setup type of RP'ing, I could suggest www.rpol.net As well as www.pbw.com Though Play by web is sort of dead. Used to be there, I think its making a come back, but I haven't been there for awhile. Role Playing online is a pretty good place. I own about two games there.

Black Star Squadron. That is a freeform RPG of mine that I had started in PBW but moved to RPOL. Its my longest going game that I have ever had. Its a freeform RPG of a fighter squadron, best of the best, whoes been assigned to the UES explorer, the latest exploraiton ship, as well as being the first inter-solar exploraiton ship developed by the terrens. the Black stars are the only ones protecting it. Good action, good players.

my other one is SGS-Stargate Satalite. Based of the TV show Stargate-SG1. The United States Air Force has established a secoundary base of operations on another planet. This place is located within an abandoned cavern. Refitted by both the Tok'ra and the Tauri to suit as the SGS.

Those are the two games I've got going there.

I'm planning to start one here, I just need to get some more planning done and refine the universe a bit.

I'm a bit of an active RPer, I'll be around when things begin to take shape.

Bear Paw:
I think I have already stated that im an avid player by heart so just leaves me to ask WHEN WE STARTING!!!!!!!  


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