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Well isnt that the Darndest thing


Okay how cool is this... First, Im looking around msn groups for a furry group and i find this UK anthro place.. Well i thought i would join seeing my BF is from scotland.. Get in join and then in the message boards theres this we have moved.. And guess where they moved to.. Furtopia forums the same place i met BtD (boyfriend) gotta love that!...

ah well, Its a small world isnt it

beyond the darkness:
And unbelievably enough, I'm a member! Who do you think made the logo!!

Queen of Minimal:
I doubt the sun shines down here very much. Why I came down here I don't know. No one seems to post much down here. Guess what, I am going back upstairs.

I came down here because I am the only English person upstairs. I saw UK, so I presume this is not Ukrainian?

Dark Nation:
Yeah, I wish >_>


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