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"So how do you see yourself William?"

"Worth little more than the sum of my parts, figuratively and literally"

William hung his head. Several years had passed since the war. Life had for the most part returned to normal, for most.

The psychotherapist looked on with knowing eyes.
"You know that is not the truth inside you" She said.

"I know! But it's just so hard convincing the logic centre that same truth!" sobbed William.

"Justify yourself, you are good at heart and moral. The choices you make mean something to more than just yourself. You are more than just a collection of thoughts, wires and circuits."

"I'll try"

"Take your time, when you're ready, gather your things. I will see you next week. Consider what we have spoken about today and return with some new thoughts and views then"

"Thank you for your time Alyce, sorry to break down again"

"That's perfectly alright" said Alyce, setting the voice recorder down on the small table in the centre of the room.

William gathered up his bag and shouldered it. Regular visits to his therapist had been a nice change of pace, even if they did force some nasty concepts to become revived.
Several years had passed since the accident wherein his original body had been destroyed by a landmine and replaced by an experimental android. The reality was that his life could now be, in theory, extended indefinitely. This concept was terrifying to consider, outliving his family, friends.

"What's planned for this evening?" cooed Alyce, in her usual soft tone.

"Probably visit the local bar with my friends. It's a Friday night after all and some company would be healthy for me."

"Good plan" she replied, shuffling some papers into alignment before stapling them together.

William exited the practice and began the short walk towards the usual gathering place, a small pub on the corner near the top end of town. The whole while he walked, the only sound he focused on was the usual creak and scrape of his actuators and linkages as he walked.
"Soul within the machine" He murmured to himself.
Time passed swiftly as William paced the distance towards the top of town. Soon the small bar came into view. A two story building, rendered  brickwork cracking, simple neon 'open' sign glowing dimly against the dim overcast night sky.

William wiped his paws on the doormat and entered, Krum and Nathan were already there, standing in their usual spot by the pool table.
"Oi Naa the ones with the big white spot are the bigs" bolstered Nathan, cheeks a little red from an evening enjoyed, flannel damp from spillage.
"Yeah I know that ya drongo" complained Krum, wearing his usual attire, A white stained tank top, blue denim shorts and a pair of thongs. "Oi, Will's ere" he exclaimed.

The two raised their glasses in greeting. It was nice to have such reliable company, thought William as he walked toward the counter to order a beverage.
"Usual I assume?" the bartender asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Yeah Ad's that'd be good thanks" Will replied, handing over the credit card for the tab before walking towards the pool table.


Hey guys, trying to get back into it. Hopefully not like a gym membership though. I'd keep going but its past midnight so i'd better get some sleep before work tomorrow.
its been a few years so some new influences might be present in my otherwise mediocre work.

Nice to make contact again.


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