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What Are You Up To?

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Rocket T. Coyote:
Some household chores, play with the cat, a short bike ride perhaps.

cause the rat:
Learning more about applying boil linseed oil to wood. I took the first advice I came across. Ended up with a good but unfortunately soft finish. Now I know to let it cure for a week between coats. So it's going to take four months to get all twelve coats of oil on my palette board. It was going to be some time before I wanted to paint out in public. And even though it's possible to oil paint out doors in -0 temps I'm not that willing. I can always get a piece of glass for it till the palette is ready. Not my first choice. Glass is, well, glass. Even tempered it can still break. One unplanned for gust of wind could knock the tripod over. End up with a mess to clean up.

Relaxing. My back hurts.  x_x

Not much today. Just relaxing. Maybe work on a model kit.

cause the rat:
Cleaning the house and cooking for Christmas. I'll wait till Christmas day to do the main course. Right now I can do the breads, cookies and other things that can be sealed or frozen.


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