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Ha Ha! April Fool's!

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It's April Fool's day today. What are some memorable pranks you've played on others in the past or that others have played on you?  :goldlaugh:

Chewy, God of Rats:
While it may not have been April Fools day, I have a great collection of pranking my girlfriend while she's sleeping. Most recently, pouring water on her around 3 in the morning. Very effective prank as well as a great conversation starter (and by conversation I mean getting yelled at).

Kay Alett:
Never been one for pranks. I take things too seriously and hate surprises so my friends and family learned early on that that i don't respond well to such things. And since I don't prank others it's worked out well.

There's only one thing I've ever done that could be considered prank-ish; on my older,  half-brother,but it's very mean-spirited and was done out of revenge and spite, not friendly joking between people who love and respect each other.

Jade Sinapu:
 My brother once said to us all,  he had joined a para military group and was a sniper.  That he would be sent out soon.
He even buzzed his head to a nub.

He was totally joking because he knew it would offend everyone seriously bad.  It did.
Truth was,  he just wanted a different hair cut.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Someone once lied to the authorities and got me in trouble. I was advised against litigation. So using the weekend free ads in the local paper, I got even by posting a few popular items with his phone number. Pickers pour over those ads seeking collectibles and throw courtesy to the winds. No doubt my antagonist's phone was ringing off the hook as soon as that newspaper was printed.


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