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The Fibbing Competition

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Bacn Blackstripe:
Ok the rules are simple all you do is try and beat everyone elses lie by making up something bigger and better BUT it has to be related in some way to the lie on top but has got to start with Oh Yeah? well I... eg:

I dodged a speeding bullet
Oh Yeah? well I Never miss twice
Oh yeah? well I don't miss ever
Oh Yeah? ....... you get the picture

Well I'll start since it took me 4 years of isolation on a mountainside to think of this thread.

Oh yea? Well I thought it up like a million years before yoooooooooooou did ^.=.^

Bacn Blackstripe:
Oh yeah, well I was helped by Yoda

Oh yeah, well i know Goku and he helps me with everything!

Oh yeah? Well, King Kai is my homeboy! He throws awesome jaccuzzi parties!


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