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My new Favorite game!

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Ooh, a Wiki chasing game! I like the sounds of this... So, Money to Chocolate:

Money > Belize Dollar > Belize > Maya Civilization > Cacao > Chocolate

I take it that if we complete one, we can give the next topics to chase. So... Hmm, something a bit easy to get people in on this so I can keep playing... How about:

Furry Fandom ; Computers

Two of my favorite things!

Furry fandom -> video games -> computers

Alysian Bluehoof:
kurt conbain -> maize

illl do i tomorrow promise. . . bed time now

...I think we've given enough time, and someone else can step in, yes?

Did you mean Kurt Cobain?

Kurt Cobain >  Shotgun >  Hunting >  Agriculture  > Maize

And the next set:

Peristalsis -->  loafers


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