Author Topic: Animal shelters are not "dumping grounds".  (Read 889 times)

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Animal shelters are not "dumping grounds".
« on: May 10, 2017, 10:17:23 pm »
I don't have a direct link to the post on Facebook, but here is a quote of it from the "Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation" page. After reading this, I got pretty upset.  >:(  Vet clinics and Humane Shelters are not dumping grounds for your unwanted pets. If people don't or can't properly take care of animals for whatever reason, then maybe you shouldn't be owning any animals at all!  >:(  >:(  >:(

This is not an uncommon sight for me coming in to work. Because I work for an animal hospital/rescue, people believe it's a good place to dump animals. Today, TEN young puppies crammed in a tub. It was taped up, they were hot and wet from the rain. There was a small puppy on the very bottom I thought might die from heat stress...
Why do people do this? They must justify it thinking we have all the funds in the world and unlimited facility space to house all the unwanted pets in our area. Why would we not take them, right??

The problem is we don't have extra money. We don't have space for all of them. We get calls ALL DAY LONG, chewed out daily, and told how heartless we are for turning pets away. Why am I the bad guy when your dog/cat has had its 5th litter of babies and you don't have the money for them? There are MANY programs out there to get discounted spays/neuters.
So their solution? Dump their problem on us. They feel as though they've "saved" the animals?!? I come to work and find animals in feed sacks, taped up in boxes, plastic tubs, wired up in make shift pens.

They are dumped in all weather extremes. I've had to dispose of kittens/puppies frozen to death, drowned in their own filth and rainwater in the containers they were dumped in. I've had to fish through litters of pups/kittens and pull out the ones still alive curled up with their dead litter mates. There are animals dumped with severe flea and tick infestations, emaciated and on the brink of death, others left with broken limbs and thrown in front of our door.

I could rant all night about this. As the RVT I'm often forced to make the decision for other ignorant and stupid people on what to do with their animals they've dumped on us. I've had to put down HUNDREDS of animals. Some perfectly healthy, curled up in my lap as I draw up their poison to put them to sleep. Simply because we don't have the funds to save them all and not enough space to give them a chance. On some days I'm actually relieved for the animal as I put them down, trying to imagine how long the poor creature suffered to get in the condition it's in. I only wish I could make the people who abandon their animals watch as they got put to sleep.......
But alongside a great veterinarian and crew, we continue on. Because someone has to be responsible. Someone has to make decisions for others ignorant choices. Someone has to be the voice for these animals.
So, once again, we are pleading for fosters. Once again we are full. If you are interested in our program please call us and we can let you know what's available.......

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Re: Animal shelters are not "dumping grounds".
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 07:27:42 am »
My dog is a rescue. I'll be homeless with her before she goes without me or my family. Right now she's with my mom because I'm in school, which she's fine with because she sees me regularly and she has a yard full of squirrels to chase.

My ex did a LOT of rescue work with dogs. I won't lie, s/he might have been terrible to people, but they were great with dogs. I saw a lot of really messed up cases come through our home, and I'm happy to say they went to families that wanted them.
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Re: Animal shelters are not "dumping grounds".
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2017, 11:27:03 am »
Pets are often gifts or adopted because they are
cute. Then after they grow up, they can be too big
or hard to care for. Many apartment owners don't
allow pets, so the owner has little choice but to
take the pet to a shelter when they move. Some
end up in shelters due to the owers dieing or having
to move to a nursing home.

Many times during natural disasters pets are ost
and end up as strays. Fortuantly people try to collect
lost pets after desasters and try to find their owners.

The sad thing is so many pets are never fixed to keep
them from repoducing like rabbits. Homeless shelters
are always hard up for funding. I am sure most do
what they can to find homes for those they accept.
I know one shelter that even asks people to provide
foster homes to for those they haven't room for. They
also fix all those who are adopted out. A local TV station
gives them tv time each week to remind the public of
their need.

Still even with all the faults it's better to drop an unwanted
pet off at a shelter . Dumping them at the side of the road
is even worse. Pets have little or no idea how to survive on
their own, and usually suffer and die from hunger, thirst,
or exposure. Even hit by traffic or killed by preditors. Two
legged or four.

It might be better to have the pet put to sleep professionally
if the local shelter is full, or a local city animal control shelter
where they kill the pet after a few days. You never can tell
with city shelters. Many times the workers have llittle
compashion for the animal. They may have little or no training
in handleing animals humanely or even care.

Times have changed though. Many commuinities have laws
to protect animals from abuse. Some people honestly try
to care for strays and end up not having the money to
care for them. So sometimes the state has to rescue
them. In my area I have seen several reports of such
things. Animals practically dead or dead from starvation.
Living in filth. They have found homes full of cats dead
and alive. Smelling so bad it would almost be better to
burn the place.

People that wish to help animals should support shelters
where and how they can. Not try to setup one of their own.
There is a lot more to running a animal shelter than putting
food and water out for them.

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Re: Animal shelters are not "dumping grounds".
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2017, 08:32:34 pm »
I got Nacho from a breeder but dad got Thor from mom who couldn't keep him anymore. Mostly because of an excitable pitbull. And I'm going to get my new dog from the humane society.   

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Re: Animal shelters are not "dumping grounds".
« Reply #4 on: July 11, 2017, 08:13:54 pm »
I kept peanut when she followed me home, everyone loves her, she's my baby.

We've had her for a little while now.

But to imagine such a horrid fate going to any small sweethearted breed of dog would break my heart, not to mention had she not followed me home... Well I don't really wanna think what might happen, but she was saved from ever having to enter a humane society or animal shelter.

If I had the money, I'd build a rescue center for small dog breeds.
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