Author Topic: Aid for the Caribbean US terriories.  (Read 742 times)

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Aid for the Caribbean US terriories.
« on: September 15, 2017, 12:22:13 pm »
The US territories in the Caribbean haven't been getting near the
attention Texas and Florida has.  These people are US citizens and
deserve the same consideration.

It is true it's more difficult to get aid to the islands, but our navy
and coast guard can do the same as they have for Texas and Florida.

Where is Trump? I haven't heard him calling for aid to our Island
territories. Some aid is coming from big business, but government
aid hasn't been very robust.

I think it's about politics. without a lot of voters the response will
be slow.

It's sad, but at least these people can move to the US mainland without
Trumps immigration squad trying to kick them out.  Trouble is they will
have to find jobs and places to live.
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