Author Topic: my wife just released a book (non furry) if you are Interested take a look  (Read 657 times)

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So my wife just release a book!!

It's a Dystopian, Sci-fi (near future), romance novel

Figured I would post the synopsis and a link here in case anyone is interested or looking for a new book to add to their reading list.  :)

"Seek Justice. Love Mercy.
A new terrorist threat has emerged in a society already troubled by constant conflict between two main factions at opposite ideological extremes. To stay in power and control the people, the current ruling party has outlawed emotional attachments and family units, and replaced natural conception with a selective genetic reproduction program. They sought to engineer the perfect society, but instead, they created a police state, where Enforcers keep order while the few profit from the oppression of the many. But even the elite are susceptible to disillusionment and temptation. As one of the Enforcers, Agent Mercy has a comfortable life until she meets Agent Justice, someone who challenges everything she has been taught about relationships. For Mercy and Justice to be together, they would have to break the laws they are sworn to uphold. Ultimately, she must make a choice between love and loyalty to the only way of life she has ever known."

I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have ^_^