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"On-going" Fursuit topics & Multiple Threads Rule
« on: October 18, 2008, 10:54:43 pm »
Just a note here to everyone that when you go to post a new fursuit thread about something that you have constructed, it is better that you continue in that thread as an "on-going" subject rather than make smaller updates in newer threads as time progresses.

For example, you make a thread about starting a chipmunk fursuit. Then 2 weeks later, you make a newer seperate thread with an update about the finished chipmunk bodysuit. Then a week later, a newer thread again with an update of the chipmunk feet and hands, etc., etc., etc.

It is far better to create one continuous thread on the same subject (chipmunk fursuit) rather than have 2-3 or more "update" threads. It really doesn't pay to have members looking in so many different threads for information and such when members can instead make ONE thread about a subject that they want to continue and continue and continue, etc. Why look for a particular piece of information or a pic of something in so many threads that are scattered around, when instead there can be ONE continuous thread to view? It's simply a matter of "simplicity" and "efficiency". Nothing more.

If members post seperate threads every time there is an update or for anything else regarding the same subject that they are talking about, then all those threads will be merged by the staff into ONE continuous thread, or you may find your newer threads locked and you will have to post your new updates all over again in your first "original" construction thread wherever that may be located.

If anybody has any questions about this, please feel free to PM me or another staff person and we'll help you out. Thanks. :)
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