Author Topic: Seeking help in the Fursuiting forum.  (Read 18418 times)

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Seeking help in the Fursuiting forum.
« on: April 16, 2012, 10:26:05 pm »
This post/thread is NOT any sort of rule. It is merely a way of presenting advice on how members can better get help on fursuit projects that they are creating.

From time to time, Members will post in this forum and ask for advice on how to make, fix, and correct various fursuit parts that they are in the process of constructing. What tends to hamper other members from helping and giving another person advice is if the original poster (who has the fursuit problem, question, etc.) only explains their problem with text sentences and paragraphs only, but doesn't try to include pics of their work or links to the pics, to show what problems they are having with their fursuit pieces and how they can be corrected.
When members aren't able to show any graphical (visual) material, It becomes difficult for other members to visualise what problem the original poster is having and how best to give appropriate advice if other forum members are reading text only. If a person is going to post in the fursuit forum and ask for advice and construction tips on a project they are working on, Then out of common courtesy, It is recommended if that person could show any artwork, sketches, blueprints, diagrams, pictures, video, etc. of their work that they need help and advice on so that other members can better give solutions to whatever problems the original poster might be having when constructing something.

The more information the original poster can give, then the better other members can help out. :)