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Artwork for AC07!  Page 2!
« on: August 26, 2006, 02:05:44 pm »
I have taken the suggestions and hopefully have improved some on my latest sketches!

Helpful hints and critiques are welcome.

Sketched:  8-12-06
I really enjoyed how this giraffe turned out especially the face. I haven't figured out a background for her yet but I will before I color her. *smiles)

Sketched:  8-12-06
Colored:  NO COLOR
I was practicing drawing my horse heads with one of the books from Swifty, which I have as well but didn't have with me that night I sketched these. *smiles*

Sketched:  8-13-06
Colored:  NO COLOR
Same as above. '<img'> Here I also worked on some body toning.

Sketched:  8-17-06
I'm not really happy with this one.

Sketched:  8-18-06
I like how this one turned out. I'm also trying to improve on my 'water' backgrounds so they look like water! *smiles*

Sketched:  8-19-06
I am really happy how this male clouded leopard turned out. *smiles*

Sketched:  8-19-06
I feel sad for this dragon as his heart has been broken. *frown*  I hope someone has the desire to fix it. *smiles*

Sketched:  8-19-06
I may change the tail on this orca. I tried making it look as though he was turning.