Author Topic: Greenstone book 1: Greenstone Abbey (IC)  (Read 5607 times)

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Re: Greenstone book 1: Greenstone Abbey (IC)
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Zara looked at the foreman, head turned with a cocked eyebrow. "Gave him that much rope already? Well he is a headstrong boy...But he's still a kid, big kid albeit but a kid. Hopefully there's nothing too crazy and vicious out there..." sighing a bit "Anyways, where's our salvage? I thought it might be best if we get an idea of what we have to work with..."

Nico took some time to cut the vines from the trees and hastily climbed down. "Okay...time to head back. This forest is weird..." Nico began following the small cut marks he'd made on the trees on his way up. "C'mon, the group needs these...that and mother's sure to be worried about me."

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Re: Greenstone book 1: Greenstone Abbey (IC)
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The opossum began laughing at this, shaking her head and approaching Mereck slowly. "Bloodmaw will kill you all.... Except the women..." She gave Sierra a glance, her grin somewhat disturbing. "Your girl there will become a slave in his harem. He'll kill me first if I go back."

"Look to her first." The priest said to Ashe, lightly nudging Zara forward. "Her wounds are worse than my own."

The foreman passed by as Zara asked about her son, and stopped. "The young warrior? He is cutting vines to secure the shelters he's helping me build."

Gwynn nodded somewhat solemnly. "I've practiced on the battlefield more than I'd like to admit. Truth and Light have brought a swift end to many lives."

Is that so wrong though? Killing a man who was prepared to die for his cause? You both went in prepared to die for what you believe in" he took the first pole, carving some small holes to thread the string through, before threading it through and tying it off. "Do you know the difference between mass murder and war?"
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