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Headed to Ponyland

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I'd like to see some pictures. I love horses.

Fox G4:
Safe journey. Speaking of ponies, I just saw quite a few yesterday at the local community fair. Lots and lots of livestock too.

Sporty Fox:
Sno-Pak, are you thinking of "Misty of Chincoteague"? Every tourist trap or store on the island sells it and it's avilable at amazon and other books sellers online. It was written back in '47 and is a great kids book, or so I've been told- I've honestly never read it  

  Bad news on the pics, the ponies were still up around the pens at Toms Cove and hadn't wandered back into the main parkland yet. The only ones that were out to be seen belong to a local hotel, so I didn't get any photos     Well, at least not of the ponies, just of my buddies surfing. And this of the sun rising over Assateague at 5:30 sunday morning  

Misty is an excellent book as are all Margaret Henrys tales of her and her descendants.

Savaaha:  I'm pretty sure the exact title of the book I read long ago was called Misty's Foal. I remember part of the story being about a family that was trying to get off the island during a hurricane and I think the horse they had was pregnant at the time.


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