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Tiger Tails!

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True story: Apollo the white tiger, a circus feline, went AWOL and took a walk in the park in New York.  He calmly walked past a number of hyoomans (including church types)  but was very well behaved.  Cops eventually formed a circle around him, but this one has a happy ending; the trainer came along, and told Apollo to get in his cage, and he did so!  No muss, no fuss, and all ends well.--It all goes to show that furs can be very reasonable, and just like a nice walk now and then!  

Wow!! I wish I could've been one of those hoomans!! What an experience!!  

Sounds interesting. I would like to be able to see a white tiger some time...

Kewl. Saw some deer in home depot parking lot ahwile back. But nothing as nifty as a tiger out for a nice peaceful walk.

"furs can be very reasonable"

hate to tell you this, but.. eh.. Panthera Tigris aren't furs. To most of the definitions around here.


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