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Ready for the babies

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We have to go from everyone involved. We have contacted the Tree cutting service and the logging companies. Theres Milk replacer and tiny bottles on the shelf.
  Now to just wait to get the babies. Squirrels that is, Fox, Greys and/or Flying. We have said we would take 6-8.
 Anyone else ever raise orphan animals?

This isn't exactly related directly to the fandom, but it is in the intrest of the fandom, so it goes in Furry Lite.

Anyway, I've taken care of bunnies and such, small ones. There were a few alone and my cat killed them and stacked them in the corner of my porch, but one was alive. We went out and left it with my aunt, but then it died.

Sporty Fox:
I've been involved with a few. I helped with a squirrel that was found after a storm took the tree down the nest was in, he was the only survivor. We bottle fed him till he could eat solids, he would really let you know when he was hungry too. Of course he was hungry all the time! We let him run free when we were home and kept him caged when we weren't, naturaly. He would jump from  person to person for attention and sit on your shoulder.
  We kept him till he was around 6-7 months old. At that time he started to try and show dominance and got nippy around kids. We started letting him roam outside in the yard for a few weeks, bringing him in when he wanted to go back, until he decided to leave on his own.
   I was on a fox search just last week. My brothers nieghbors had a fox under thier shed/chicken coup. They hadn't lost any chickens but didn't want to take a chance. They shot the vixen (who was whelping), and left her and her kits under the shed. No-one found out about it till my brothers dog brought the carcass home two weeks later. He was worried about rabies and started asking around, thats when he found out about what had happened. I went to see if the kits were still alive and if I needed to I was going to bring them home.
    After doing some checking around I was able to find out that the kits were old enough and had left on thier own. They have been seen a few times since and appear to be doing fine. I'm glad but at the same time I was looking forward to helping them.

I've tended to three mocking birds, a grackle & a dove over the years. Everything but the dove survived.

Quote (Savaaha @ Aug. 11 2004, 11:15 am)Now to just wait to get the babies. Squirrels that is, Fox, Greys and/or Flying. We have said we would take 6-8.
Make sure you post pics!

Can't say I've ever raised orphaned animals, but I would like to.  If it wasn't for my allergies, that is.


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