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The loop


I say anyone who likes reading gets the book "The loop" its bu Nicholas evans the guy who did Horse whisperer.

The loop's about a pack a wolfs, The town of hope who wants them dead. And a Bioligist Helen (and some others from the Fish and wildlife service) attemtp to protect the Wolves.

First book ever thats made me cry.. its so good

Im reading horse wisperer next and im hoping its just as good

Sporty Fox:
I'll have to see if I can find it localy, sounds like it would be a good read. But please Zwabbe, be careful of strong lanquage in the post headlines, we are PG13 afterall  

oh sorry  

I do believe that a mild word such as "goddamn" is well within the confines of a PG-13 rating.

It appears to me that people seem all too eager to pounce on any little thing that could possibly be construed as "against the rules", when actually it's not doing any harm whatsoever. Why not just leave it up to the mods to keep people in line, eh? (And hope that they know what they're doing).


Just started reading this, is very good so far.  


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