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The Pet Psychic!

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On the Animal Planet network at times appears a rather strange-looking English lady (Sonya Fitzpatrick) who claims to be able to psychically link to animals and discern their thoughts, feelings, and needs. ¬ She might, for example, be shown on the show visiting people and explaining to them why their dog appears not to be himself. ¬ In some cases, those visited claim that the woman knew things about their pet that she could not possibly otherwise know, and that her advice proved to be on target.

Have you ever seen this woman's appearances, and do you think that she or any other "pet psychic" is for real? ¬ 

The Pet Psychic!

Rust:  Don't think she's for real.  The whole thing strikes me a lot like the routine of that one TV psychic, the guy who contacted dead relatives and the like...just a bunch of educated guesses and a knowledgeable attitude.  Both that guy and Lady Cleo have been proven to be frauds, so why not her?  I've always thought that if someone had a gift like that they'd be a bit more prudent not to televise the blasted thing.

Ive seen her show and I really doubt is her contacting dead pets.Im also pretty doubtful on her talking to pets that are not even near her. Id like to think talking to one there at her touch is possible tho.
 Maybe it is all put on but its still interesting to watch.

I dunno, I think she seems pretty decent. She at least pays attention to their body language, which is most than other animal psychics would do, I'm certain.

But.. then again, I'm one of those people who animals kind of trusted, I guess.. o.o;;

Party Pony:
She drives me nuts! ¬ So patronizing and phoney. ¬ As stated by others, she is fairly good at reading the animal's body language. ¬ Which compared to most of the owners does make her look psychic.

My favorite bit was when she walked up to a couple holding their overly obese cat. ¬ She looked at the cat, touched its head then looked to the owners. ¬ "She's telling me she likes to eat." ¬  ¬ The owners were astounded to hear this. ¬ "That's true," one announced. ¬ "You're pretty amazing," said the other owner.


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