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Let's get rid of the ACA, but is this a good idea?

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Old Rabbit:
The GOP has always worked to keep the size of government down. I agree a
government grows too large can destroy a country. It can drag the economy
down when the government needs too much for the economy to support. But
to ignore human need harms society to the same end.  So a balance has to be

I wish the GOP had spent the last 6 years coming up with a replacement
or fixing it instead of playing politics with the plan. Other societies of the
world deny the wishes of the rich over human need so we should be able
to do it as well.

In the past costs of health care was much lower, and of course so were
wages. As time passed costs have gone up. For some reason healthcare
costs have gone up much faster than inflation. That has been one good
side effect of the ACA the rate of increase in the cost of health care has
slowed to a rate not seen for 50 years.  Hospitals, doctors and other care
facilities had to charge more to cover losses incurred caring for those
who could not pay. Having insurance this loss has been cut significantly.
So there hasn't been a need to raise prices so much.

The ACA has provisions for preventative care. This also reduces costs as
people don't need the major care they would have had without checkups.

The aid provided to help the poor also cuts long term health costs.

All this shows we need to fix or replace the ACA as it will keep health
costs lower for us all. 

We need to move away from employer provided health insurance. It may work for people with full-time long-term jobs, but, at least in tech industries, contract positions are way more common. And for people that work under contract, either no health insurance is provided, or it's limited to the length of the contract. Meaning that there will be significant gaps where the person isn't covered, assuming they are covered at all.

I think getting rid of the ACA is an extremely bad idea unless they have something better to replace it with -before- getting rid of it.


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