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Rice - Do you wash or not ?


So I have just discovered the joy of Washed rice...

Never really realized you are suposed to wash the starch from rice before you cook it. But makes a huge difference to taste and texture!!

Anyone else know about this? am i the only one who didn't know?

Also depends on what you're cooking. For something like a risotto, you shouldn't wash it.

cause the rat:
I've not heard this. Thanks! Will give it a go.

just put it in water (more than you think) and swish around.

Water will turn really cloudy,  drain water and repeat untill water no longer turns cloudy.

then your rice is ready to go.

Makes it uber fluffy and nice :)

I only rinse the rice twice and for Jasmine  and Calrose I give it a 1/2 hour soak before cooking.


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