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Welcome ALL our New Members.

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Thanks to Benjamin for starting this section! I'm sorry I didn't notice it before.

WhiteShepherd and I have been so busy of late that I have not been able to greet our new members as I have wanted. This is no problem. Since this section is here, I will post my usual welcome letter to all our new fursons!

Welcome to our little home away from home. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the site. There is a lot to see here besides the forums.

I'm sure if you have any questions, there are many here that may have the answer.

Don't be shy. You may post to any of the current or past topics or if you don't see anything that you are interested in you may start your own topic. There are many here that can show you how if you don't already know.

I am Kada-Ru, the pegasus, and mated to Whiteshepherd that had a dream of creating this lovely place for furs to gather and enjoy themselves. WhiteShepherd and I created Furtopia over a year ago and it has expanded beyond our dreams and has become the 'home' to many a furson! Furtopia was created for all of you, whether that be as an artist (artwork, writing, or music) or for those that just pop into the forums now and then and make this their 'home'.

So, take a 'walk' around the sites and the many forum topics and enjoy your visit and hope you stay!

Also, we have a knowledgeable staff if you have particular questions about Furtopia or it's forums.

To contact the staff, you can click:
......and you will see the staff page with all staff members listed and their particular specialties. Click on the persons name or other link to send them a message.

If you have any ideas you are welcome to drop by the Suggestion Box forum:
......and post your ideas to the staff.

Again, enjoy your stay! :)

Hello im a newbie to furtopia i just wanted to say hello from this furry tiger,on the prowl, and wish you a merry Furry Christmas    i hope you havea good one::Basheba growls happily as she cruises around to check the site out more::

Welcome and Best wishes to you as well during these holidays, Basheba!

::Walks into the forum and sits down at the greeting topic:: Hi. I'm Ayden_Skye. It's great to be a part of something so wonderful as Furtopia! My friend, Manethran, told me of this place and told me that it was a rather peaceful place on the web to meet other furs and to get started with my interests in the furdom. Like him, I too am a wolf, a very submissive one at that. I hope those who read this will wish to say hello to me whether it be through here or through one of the other ways of contacting me such as messengers, Lol. Again, its great to be here in this most wonderful place, Furtopia.

P.S- Just to let all you furs out there know, I'm gay and very proud of it. So proud, I decided not to mention it to my parents just yet hehehe. Hope to hear from you all soon, and please, don't think of me any differently than you would have had you not known I am gay. See you all soon!
::Rises from the topic and strides out merrily, bounding swiftly to his home in the mountains::

Welcome, ayden_skye!

No one here cares what your sexuality is. (giggles)  So, don't worry about it. We are very friendly here. Have fun!


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