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Oh hi Furtopia. :) I'm Arbutus, and I'm not new at all! I kicked around this place for about seven years and served as a watcher, mod, and admin for much of that time. No idea how many people are still here that I used to know, but I figured I'd pop in and find out!

My life has changed a lot since the last time we talked. I started and finished a master's degree. I moved abroad again to jump into a new career in humanitarian aid. I lived in Turkey for a year or so, then moved to Jordan, did a short deployment in Afghanistan, and now I'm living in Tunisia, where I'm working on the humanitarian response to the crisis in Libya. I'm enjoying this seaside country hugely, and I'm doing the sort of meaningful work that I've been wanting to do for a long time.

By this point, I'm long out of the furry fandom. People grow, people change, people leave parts of themselves behind, however fondly they are remembered. But I still love the stories, and the art, and all the friends I made here on Furtopia, and all the memories I made and helped to make. I still check in from time to time, and I'll probably be orbiting around the fandom for a long time to come.

I'm only stopping in to say hi, but hey, listen, I brought some snacks for everyone to share.
*pulls a large lever on the wall*
*a large section of the floor slowly rolls back*
*an enormous pile of carrots, twenty feet tall, rises from a platform in the middle of the floor*
Make sure to leave enough for everyone!

:O Arbutus! Great to see you again :) Hope things are going well for you.

*offers copious amounts of carrots!*

Well ello there! :D Hope you stick around! I came back after a long time away myself!

Varg the wanderer:
Arbutus!!!!  It's great to see that you are alive and well and living a fulfilling life. I doubt I could do the line of work you do and I respect those that fill that role a lot. Don't become a stranger ;)

Iara Warriorfeather:
Welcome back to Furtopia! I hope to see you around!  8)


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