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Rabbit hops in, sniffs around a bit, gnaws on server cables, hops back out

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I hope it's all right if I gravedig my own greetings topic. :D TBH, I'm not sure I could improve on my subject line from last time. We've already reached the top.

It's been two and a half years since my last check-in, but man, the entire world has turned upside down since then. Where do I start?

New country, first of all! I moved to Uganda last October and have been here for the last ten months. I'm still working in humanitarian aid with the same organization, but with more global responsibilities rather than focusing on just one country. This was supposed to mean that I would be doing frequent international travel to our different country offices to help out with various projects, but........ you know.

All things considered, Uganda has been an unexpectedly nice place to ride out a pandemic, and I consider myself fortunate to be here. We had an early, strong lockdown that has so far helped us avoid the worst, and I've been able to work from home from a compound filled with exotic trees and birdlife, and I have three kittens that were born in my closet just before the lockdown started, which has done wonders to keep me sane through it all. Below is a picture of the kittens, which I share to give you a sense of how hard my life has been; I have had to deliver presentations in formal Zoom meetings, camera on my face the whole time, trying to remain stoic and professional while this was happening in front of my eyes.

Now that the lockdown restrictions are starting to lift a bit, I've been trying to (safely) get out and about and see a bit more of this country I find myself in. Below please find a picture of a Ugandan elephant traffic jam:

This post is turning into an animal parade, which I guess is okay because someone told me you people like animals?

Anyway, the reason I find myself back on Furtopia after so long is that I just watched a fantastic film called The Fandom: A Furry Documentary, which I highly recommend-- it's so well done and eloquently shows what furry has meant to so many people throughout the fandom's history. So I got to the end of this film, full of all sorts of fuzzy heartwarming feelings, and they started rolling the credits with the list of everyone who contributed through Kickstarter to make this happen, and who should I see on the list but several folks I knew from Furtopia back in the day? It got me thinking about my own route into and through and out of and orbiting in circles around this crazy, joyful, exasperating, lovable fandom, and through this forum that meant so much to me for so many years, and that's when I decided to pop in and say hello again to you all.

Hi! :)


--- Quote ---Rabbit hops in, sniffs around a bit, gnaws on server cables, hops back out
--- End quote ---

Hey! Cut that out! WS and Weiss just got done upgrading the server. Bad bunny! Bad, bad bunny!  >:(
Here, have a salad from my cafe instead.  *hands a bowl of salad*

Anyway, welcome back.  :D


*huge hugs*

Really glad to hear from you again! And not only because you brought me delicious salad. :D

*eats the salad in one bite, sniffs at the wooden bowl, continues to consume the bowl*

*hugs back*

Well, at least the bowl has fibre in it.  :D

Hey, welcome back again :)


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