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Jade Sinapu:
I think I will take some time away from Furry Fandom and think on why I am here, what I want to do going forward, and if I will come back and do more, or just fade away.

I feel I have made some good friends here, and just wanted to explain what is going on with me.

I do not know 100% what is happening with me.
I love parts of furry.  Suits are awesome, stories are awesome, art is awesome, peoples imagination is awesome.
I said awesome too much now

I got into furry because I love the happy fun loving atmosphere it can provide at times. Again, also the aforementioned items are reasons I joined the fandom.
Met a bunch of furs who are cool and genuine.
Went to 4 cons?  All DenFur.  I can't travel far and costs are too much
I have drawn some art and want to write a story, it is only in a outline form now.


I have met people (online and at cons) who clearly have serious issues, and need help.  People who genuinely think they are another species in real life.
And I call my self a therian!  I only ever had seriously strong and amazing dreams, thoughts, and experiences.  But I know I am 100% human.
People who also feel 100% free to use convoluted thinking to draw false conclusions between animals and humans.  They use these lines of thinking to justify things that are not really okay.  I will not go into detail here.
Also some furs seem to have no morals, no ethics at all whatsoever.  They have no social skills and are quick to anger.  Some even seem like they could become the next news event.

I do not know if a lot of the negative I see is related to the age of the fur in question, or just what?  I would like to assume its just the younger ones who are not able to control emotions etc.
No I am not some closed minded ultra conservative bible thumper nazi-fascist-totalitarian-fill in the blank..
I am an open minded free thinker.  I am spiritual, not religious.  I love philosophy and occasionally read into pseudo-science as it is tantalizing.  But I have limits.  And some in furry do not have any limits whatsoever and that is NOT okay with me.  Tell me I you will force me to become submissive to you and you will find out darn quick how much I can do to protect myself.  And if you tell me "its what dogs do" you will also find out I am a heck of a lot stronger/faster/SMARTER than any dog IRL. Also I have things at my disposal no dog could even think of.  GOT IT?

I see people do good in the fandom, and then someone else undoes the good.

I must be living too much in the real world to fit in a lot.  I do like to pretend I'm a dog, but to me its an act.  to entertain others and me.  In the end I am still me.  Still responsible for my actions.
Working 12 hours a day, paying a mortgage, bills, saving for a future, and taking care of a dog, myself, and others seems to be more of a REAL priority than furry.

It really sucks the big one.  I love being my GSD self.  I love seeing dance comps.  I love the raves!!! OMG the music!
I like some panels at DenFur.  I wanted to goof off with others in suit or partial suits, or face paints etc in public and pull low key gags or something.  But what I find out is people do not want to do that, why?
Oh yeah, I know why, and I wont talk about that here.

I have never said to any fur, hey you are less of a fur than blah.  I have never chastised anyone for their sexual orientation or identity.  It made me happy at DenFur to see a young couple embrace and truly proclaim love for each other. World needs more of that.  yet I do not fit in. 
IMO, Furry is just a place for young gay white men, it is very insular.  Not a place for an aging furry who likes imagination and is asexual or occasionally desires female "interaction".  Furry touts its self as inclusive, but it is often not.  Proof?  Where are my kind of girls, heck where are any of them?  Oh yeah scared off by the pervs, freaks and junkies.  Women are often smarter than men. 

And when I point out the obvious lack of females, I learn of the blatant misogynistic attitude which is abhorrent!  Men who were slighted in their past and then forever hate women.  What a rip! GROW UP, she has a right to say buzz off freak!  And for those who genuinely prefer the same sex, okay you have a legit attitude and reason.  But I have seen enough anti-women thinkers it makes me nervous.  I do not want to be associated with that.

And then there are old men who prey on young men.  Makes me sick.  When the age difference approaches 10 years it is likely the older can take advantage of the younger.  That is my opinion.  Also based on what I observed with a neighbor I had he was 61 his BF was 24.  BIG difference.  The 24 year old was beaten daily.  I called cops.  Little was done.  I am therefore weary of large age differences in relationships where shame will keep partners from reporting to police.  Abuse is likely.

So many people sexualize furry and then therefore drag all the dirt into the fandom.  I love to see some NSFW art, some really turns the crank.  But I can compartmentalize it.  I see it, enjoy it, then go about normal life.
I wish furry was more like HousePets Comic, RedWall, OzFoxes, and many other clean furry anthro comics, stories, art.  Sure it has that, but its so mixed with the trash.

And then of course I remember the good times I have had, and want to get back into furry more. 
It really tears me apart. :( :'(

cause the rat:
Jade. We are brothers from another mother. Be true to yourself. Do what's right for you.

Back when I went to my first con it was easy to find people who would share the stories behind their fursonas. The fandom was full of people who held a deep and personal connection with the character they created. Not any more. "I'm this" is mostly what you get.

I've been to Sci-fi, steam punk and furry conventions. There is a huge difference. Sci-fi and steampunk are filled with creative people celebrating both their creativity and ingenuity. Furry has become nothing more than a gay pride event with only one goal. To see how much body fluids they can dump in a three day weekend.

I'm an older man. I am not a Daddy fur. Catching a glimpse is natural. Social and no harm done. Straight people do it too. I do it. Staring down for an entire conversation is unsettling. Having a conversation go from normal banter to highly graphic details has actually made me sick to my stomach. I'm the bad guy because I get up and leave. I"m the one not accepting or showing respect for who they are.

I will not ever go back to a furcon or meet. I will keep attending Sci-fi and steampunk cons. I enjoy having real conversations with people. Love talking shop with costume and prop builders.

My furry on line presence is down to two places. This forum and one facebook page. The only reason I stay here is because it has an adult filter.

Jade, like you I'm more than a life support system for a set of reproduction organs. Like you I enjoy conversations with like minded people with a passion for what they do. Like you I enjoy experiencing others and sharing my creativity. Unlike you I'm a hopeless romantic. I'll stick around and hope for the best. At arms length. Like I have for the past five or six years now.

Jade Sinapu:
Thanks Cause, glad to hear I'm not the only one with these feelings.
I've been alienated by being honest and having boundaries. 
2 furs who were very active here won't chat with me on telegram unless I initiate.  I'm not stupid,  I know what that means.

I think if anthro animals were indeed real,  they would be ashamed of furry culture depicting them how we do and how we use them for a cover for our less than stellar ways.
Chances are,  if animals could think like us, they would not like to be naked in front of everyone,, just those they trust.  They would only be in season one per year and not Mr horn dog bouncing off the walls.   They also would want offspring and watch them grow up. In short I just bet real anthro animals would be more like Paddington Bear. Good.  And less like humans. But maybe I've gone crazy after associating with too many nut cases.


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