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Room to leave sanity upon arrival.

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hmms Well, Savaah, if you lost your sense I'm sure someone else pick it up and used it to buy some sanity!

ah well, it wont buy them much sanity, maybe a little peace of mind and thats it.

At least that is a little. Perhaps someone may be in the market for selling all or part of their sanity and you could buys some back?

I said this in IRC, and I'll say it again...

I QUOTE, too.

"Omega, omega, I don't know what a 'sanity' is! Does that mean I don't have one? Is it natural for people to not have a 'sanity'? Does the condition have a name? Does it make my existance pointless?!

"Oh, and can I steal Brian's sanity?!"

Please answer asap. I fear I may go insane.

Waitaminute... In'sane'... Is that relevant?!


Edit: Typo... does this have anything to do with 'sanity'?

Yes it does, Ds. LOL  But, if you don't know what it is I don't think you have to worry about losing yours as it seems you don't have any to lose! LOL


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