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Alrighty, I'd like to ask that no body post in this thread till I'm done putting up the info. I'll tell ya when that is. ^_^

This is a bunch of info that I've been putting together specially for this game. It may be a bit indepth, but I do welcome suggestions, and questions. Also keep in mind that this universe is BIG, so you can use what ever vocabulary you wish, what I suggest is the most common terms that are used in the universe.

Vocab to keep in mind:

Space Ways- A web that connects planets to other planets, enabling transporting between them.
Way Runners- These are special ships created to travel the

Space Ways. They range from being wooden vessels to high tech generation ships. These require a Navigator, usually a magian who is skilled in the Way.

The Way - This is the source of power that Magians use. It is said that the Way is created from the very planets.

Mehrak - A galatic year. The Galaxy's rotation is split up into a million parts. Each part is a year.

Way Burst- This is the method that Way Runners use to travel the Space Ways.

Magians - People whom are skilled by the use of Magic, or the Way

Technogians - Users of Technology

Cluster - While the space ways connnect worlds together, they are still clumped and scattered. Any of these clusters can be connected to other clusters from any wheres between 2 to 16 connections.

Remember This is common termnology for this universe. But Due to the size of the universe there can be more then one term.

The Universe:

The universe in which we the people live is greatly varied. Alliances in every corner. Races, both terrestrial, and alien roam the vast distances in vessels known as Way Runners. Over the many Mehraks we have found that all life supporting worlds are interconnected by a massive network of what we call, Space Ways. The way Runners travel these webs from planet to planet. Though a special type of navigator is required, a person well versed in the art of magic, for lack of a better word. These sorts of people are called magians. Though while in space these people are rare. The source of power used by the magians is stronger on the planets. In fact it has been widely theorized that the planets act as a sort of Way generator. The Magians often refer to their source of power as The way. There are different levels of Skill in the use of magic. There are experts, and there are the non-users, the Technoians. These people rely on technology for their 'power'

Current Conflicts:

The Horan War
            Located in the Veriana Cluster. The conflict that has been rageing for many centuries now is based on an old dispute.  A special ore of a metal had been discovered by a seer known as Kelvern. Two clans then laid claims. A dispute followed and today they still fight, but not on metal but old diffrences.
Orignal Fighters: The Clans of the planet Horan. Kalpa and Corzon.

The Rygal Clash
             Within the Shigana cluster there exists a very strong economic system. So strong that the planets here are owned by not just races, but corpate States. There are hundreds of these states, but 5 are the strongest. The Greatest of them own nearly 33 worlds Capatilism at its greatest
Fighters: Corprate States

I may have others but these are the ones that I have complted thus far.

My plans And how the game will work:

My plan for this game is to bring everyone together, upon one Way Runner, called the Kalga. An Organic based vessel, 1 of 2 in the entire known galaxy. The Kalga has its own sentience and can act as its own Navigator. I my self will be taking part in this game, and I'll be the first to be floating around on the Kalga.

The Game play will be Free form based. For two reasons 1) It'll give a chance for those whom never RP'd before to play and 2)I don't like/know how to do a rule based game. ^_^
Those who will be playing with magic can converse with me so that we can set the limit of your ablities. Not very many people enjoy an Uber character. What ever you do in the game is up to you, your your own character, have fun!

Character Creation:

With Such a vast world, how can you be limited? You can be ANYTHING. Be it a janitor, to an astro physitist its up to you. Your character can be any race as well. Its really up to you, with such variety running around in this little galaxy, I'm sure you'll be able to create any sort of character your heart desires.

Okay, I'm done putitn gup info. You may post now. Any Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Comlplaints? Just Post them up. I welcome them ^_^


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