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Well, seeing as i couldnt find the other character creation post, and ive been wanting to play this for a while, I thought i might as well post here

Name: Kale Brennan
Age: 32
Species: Otter
Fur colour: mostly dark brown, with a beige underside
Profession: Mercinary
Cybernetic implants: Head based Experimental Mind to ship direct interfacing node
Weaponry: Pair of e-773 Rapidfire low recoil laser pistols
Hailing from an as yet unknown world, his ship, The Espirit was a test vessel for an experimental hyperspace drive that it suspected could focus way energy and use it to travel without magians, unfortuinatley the drive malfunctioned and left him floating in space, his ship damaged and the hyperspace core damaged, he found a planet and landed, using some of the cargos in his hold to get money for equipment/ Currently he is operating as a mercinary in the hope he can get the money to repair his drive and return home

edited by me: apologies to egosoft, but i kinda borrowed bits of your idea

chimera soul:

Heh... Glads you liked it. Why dont you join in chimera? an rpg is fun and a good test of writing ability (at least some of the ones ive been in have)

Joel Marsh
Species: Red Fox
Fur Color: Reddish Orange, with White underside and black 'gloved' arms, legs, and tips of ears.
Age: 17
Occupation: None at the moment.
Cybernetic Enhancements: A 'Familiar' class mind/machine interface link, which improves control of body, reflexes, memory, processing power, etc.  Also has a mental amplifier implanted behind right ear, allowing him/her to transmit thoughts, etc. like a subspace communicator.  Can also pick up on such signals.
Weaponry:  Star Trek style Phasers!  
Ship: The Inominata, a relatively small freighter recently retro fitted with some rather primitive phasers...
Information:  Joel is 17 years old, and was the subject of an experiment in nano-technology; s/he has legions of nano-robots within her body, which allow her to do everything from heal wounds and change appearance... s/he's just not invincible...

chimera soul:
location:-in transit
home land:-unknown
species:- mythical beast
cybernetic implants:-none
enhancements:-enhansed sensory perseption and reflexes, along withmuscle enhancements and scelital re-enforcement
colouration:-the majority of bodily fur is an off tan brown, with a destinguishing scar above the right shoulder in the shape of a Y. the wings are a deep red with slightly torn edges and a kink in his tail.
weapons:-a pair of .85 calibre army surpluss pistols and a 5 series serif combi phazer rifle with 9 series scope upgrade and 7 series bolt action grenade launcher upgrade
occupation:-mercenary for hire
transportation:-leviathon, a space modified moter cycle and retro-fitted s class thrusters with 8.725 pointfrag limit and gradieated resistance dish
history:-although a merc for hire, he obeys the laws of honour, loyalty, truth and morallity.


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