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Jalex Darnco:
Welcome to the Furtopia RPG Universe MK II. As what will be in the origional RPG, anything goes. You are what you wish to be. Just no Super characters.

Role Playing is the essence of this game, but the players are in control of this universe, not the GM. The GM will supply the background story as it goes, but the players decide what to do, and what happens. Entrences and exits will be supplied by the own players, and it would be apprecieated if you would inform the other players that you are leaving.

The Basic Universe structure will be maintained in this story, please refer to the game info for that data. I'll make a new begining once I get a good viable story line.

Jason asked me to post the main story. We're twins so hopefully no-one will notice the difference   .


<begin neat breifing music>

Location: Darvin Cluster, Planet Repine
Time: 0405 Galatic Standerd Time

"This is Frigate Rouche on docking vector."

"Roger that Rouche, reciving authorization codes, Your clear."

"Vector heading two o five niner. I've got something on long range, do you have it station?"

"Confirm we have an anomolous signiture approching your approach vector."

"We have a visual.. Its a missile!"

"We are attempting to get a tractor lock on, Its out of range"

"Estimated time of contact 20 secounds"

"We can't get to it, Dispatching fighter squadron"

"10 Secounds to impact!"

"Fighter squadron enrout"

"We aren't going... *static*..."

"Frigat Rouche, you you there, repeat we don't have you on scope, are you out there?"

"The Frigate that you call Rouche has been destroyed, as will be you."

"Who is this?"

"We are the Kal'Tak Rulers of This Galaxy!"


As of now your Characters do not know about this situation, though reports about it will be coming in through news channels and the sort. You may begin your Role Playing Experince. Start out as you wish, where ever you wish.  Have Fun!

Time to get da ball rolling! I only posted once in the other RPG so I guess I'll use the start-up from that.


"uuugh" came the groan of a wolf. Rain fell in abundance on his body, drenching him from head to tail. How long he had been lying here, he didn't know. He opened his eyes. Flames formed a barrier on three sides. A dead body lay amongst the sea of flames ahead. The wolf tried to stand up, but not without incredible pain. Blood trickled down him muzzle from a wound over his right eye. He tried to wipe the blood away from his eye but he couldn't feel his left paw. It was broken. After a while of struggling, he managed to stand. He limped to the opening in the flames and tripped over some debris. He tasted blood in his mouth. Spitting on the ground made no difference. Only more blood flowed. He looked ahead to se a figure running towards him. What that figure was, he didn't know. His eyes tried to focus on it, but he passed out.

Simon, who was on a holiday with his parents, were walking through a small village as his parents wanted to see countryside sights out of a city. Simon was unbelievably bored, all he wanted was to meet up with some other furs his age. He saw a few small shops nearby

"hey mom I'm gonna check out a few shops here OK, ill catch up in about 10 minutes"

"OK, meet us up by the cafe down the road" his mom said.

The shop Simon walked into was a skate shop, how lucky could he get? He browsed around and within 5 minutes of looking he saw the nicest pair of shorts he had seen in a long time. He walked up to the cafe his parents were in and about halfway there, he heard a roar, like a ships engine. The noise got louder and loder and as he looked up he saw a ship racing out of control and suddenly he heard the largest explosion and he was thrown back...

He regained conciousness, and he felt the rain fall on his fur. His head hurt as he got up and he felt blood trickle down his face. He had obviously hit his head on something and the ringing in his ears from the explosion was unbearable. He looked towards the cafe and he saw it in flames. His heart was racing and he as struck with fear. Could his parents have been..? He ran as fast as he could into the burning building shouting for his parents, a tear came to his eye as he heard nothing from them. He saw a wolf laying on the floor and he saw the wolf was looking at something, he saw a body and he ran over to it. He could clearly see it was his mother. The shock struck Simon like a thousand knives in his heart. He bawled out crying his eyes out. He looked back at the wolf and wandered if he was the pilot of that ship. He could see that the wolf was badly injured and he looked equipped as though he was going to war. Simon carried the wolf out of the burning rubble and lay him on the floor. He ran back in and picked up his mothers body, walked out and laid her on the floor his eyes were filled with tears as he ran in looking for his dad, there was no sign of him. Smoke started to fill his lungs and Simon felt there was no more he could do. He walked out, his head hung low at his loss and collapsed to his knees next to his mother and cried a thousand tears, one for every knife in his heart. He lay over on his mom and cried in the rain....

Midori frowned at her father.

"The Darvin cluster.....Planet Repine....?  why would I want to go there?"

Yoshiwara Hajime sighed, and leaned forward in his chair.  "Midori....Butterfly....I would go myself, but there's just too much to do....that damn freighter was carrying extraordinarily important....ah....cargo."  The heavyset, dark furred fox rubbed his graying temples.  "I'm swamped with paperwork.  I just need you to take a look, ask a few questions...Amano Corporations needs to make an appearance, you know....the crew was killed, after all."

Midori sighed, toying with her kimono sleeve.  "All right, daddy.  When do I leave?  And how long will it take?"

Her father smiled, slightly.  "In the morning.  The trip won't take long, you'll have an excellent Navigator.  He'll drop you off on Repine and when you get finished you can call him to pick you up.  Shouldn't take more than a few days all told.  You should go pack."  

At Midori's direction the maid packed three large suitcases of clothing, toiletries, and various other items for the trip, including a bottle of plum wine, and Midori's favourite chocolates.  Who knew if she would find proper wine and chocolate off of planet Niji-ji....and out of the Shigana Cluster, for that matter.....?


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